AltoLab Kits

AltoLab, the world's first personal, portable and proven altitude training simulator!

Now you can train in Colorado, the Himalayas, the Alps or the Andes without moving there!

AltoLab, the world's most affordable personal altitude training simulator, is a small breathing device that allows athletes to experience high altitude conditions for only minutes a day. AltoLab's unique design and compact size allows it to be used anywhere and requires no outside power. 

Clinically proven to enhance:

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Recovery
  • Motivation


Clinical research at Ohio State University shows that AltoLab is clearly the most portable and most effective Live High, Train Low altitude simulator on the market today.

Read more on the history of altitude training and about how AltoLab is used and how it improves athletic performance and stamina at sea level and how it helps acclimate mountaineers and skiers living at sea level who are planning adventures for high altitudes.