Hypoxic Silo Six Pack | Up to 18 AltoLab Sessions

$ 108.00 $ 129.00

This package contains six Hypoxic Silo canisters. Good for up to 18, one-hour AltoLab sessions or about 2-3 month supply of five-day top-ups.


The Hypoxic Silo is absolutely essential for making AltoLab work. It removes the carbon dioxide from the air you exhale. This exhaled air is now low in oxygen, by mixing this with fresh air coming in through the base of the AltoLab unit, it effectively lowers the oxygen content to simulate high altitude conditions.

It is this low-content oxygen that you breathe in that stimulates your body to start making its own EPO (Erythropoietin), the hormone that stimulates red blood cell production. This is one of the major benefits of altitude training.

A 15-session AltoLab Program has been clinically shown to give you benefits of altitude training and allow you to achieve your peak performance. These benefits last for 15-20 days after you complete the program.



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