Our Story

Like many fitness types looking for an enduring edge in competition, New Zealand physiologist, triathlete and endurance coach Brendon Downey was determined to find a hassle-free way to take advantage of altitude training that was portable, low cost and could be used anywhere in the world and with that, AltoLab was born!

Co-developed between Douglas Pharmaceuticals and Sports Science New Zealand, their combined expertise realized the evolution of a unique training system that would be ideal for the individual athlete who seeks to optimize their sports performance but lacks the practically of living at altitude. AltoLab, the world's first simulated, "intermittent hypoxic altitude training system" was the result of those efforts.

Some of our most gratifying results come from mountain climbers and the military that use the AltoLab simulated altitude training system to prepare and acclimatize for excursions to extremely high altitudes. Equally rewarding is the success we see from our athletes who have won dozens of medals in the summer and winter Olympics. We’ve also had successful outcomes in the soccer World Cup, IronMan, Tour de France, NFL and high school athletes who earned college scholarships as a consequence of adding AltoLab simulated altitude training system to their training regimen.

The value of AltoLab as a legal and effective way to improve power, endurance and performance for virtually all sports has been verified by independent clinical researchers at major universities in the U.S. and abroad.

By following an AltoLab program, athletes can achieve the advantages associated with living at altitude. Discover AltoLab’s benefits and significantly improve your sports performance in ways not possible until now!

AltoLabUSA and PharmaPacific

PharmaPacific led by Andrew Backhaus, PhD began in 2004 as the international distributor of AltoLab - the first patented simulated altitude training system that was both portable and low cost.

Located in Tempe, Arizona, AltoLab USA began in 2005 as a way to educate, develop and market the AltoLab technology in North America.