"Live High, Train Low" Made Easy

Simulated Altitude Training

AltoLab forces your body to work as if at altitude, even if you are at sea level. It’s ‘live high, train low’ made easy! To work at altitude takes increased effort which causes the body to produce more red blood cells and in turn transport and utilize oxygen more efficiently enabling you to literally lift your game. And now, with AltoLab a simulated altitude training system, it is possible to harness these benefits without setting up base camp!

An AltoLab program is a passive workout that you complete during an initial fifteen-day program of one hour breathing sessions. The performance effects of this program will last at least three weeks, after which a five-day booster cycle will maintain your advantage.

Easy to assemble and use, the AltoLab unit delivers low oxygen air via a personal mouthpiece when and where you choose with minimal disruption to your living and training routine. Simply breathe, relax with a book or watch TV. It’s training with your feet up!


Don’t Just Do Something - Sit There And AltoLab!