Hayden Paddon's WIN at Rally Argentina May 01 2016

Hayden Paddon is an auto car racer who has been using AltoLab for years. It helps him keep his heart rate down while he is driving. Ordinarily, the stress of driving at high speed during a race caused his heart rate to skyrocket above 220 bpm. After using AltoLab, it stayed around 180-190 bpm, much more manageable to keep "cool and calm" and to think straight at those high speeds...

Overtraining Warning Signs And Risk Factors November 24 2015

Overtraining is a problem for many athletes (10 to 20 percent of those who train intensively) and appears to be relatively common in endurance athletes. Some well established warning signs include: increased muscle soreness; delay of muscular recovery; inability to perform at the previous training load; poor-quality of sleep; decreased vigor; swelling of lymph nodes; high illness frequency; and loss of appetite.   Among other factors that may increase the...

AltoLab Vs. Living And Training At Altitude November 02 2015

  AltoLab Altitude Simulator Vs. Living and Training At Altitude  Little change from normal Physical discomfort Increase in blood volume, better blood circulation and O2 supply throughout body Decrease in blood volume, by up to 25% Growth of muscle tissue Reduction in muscle mass No change to normal Reduced training intensity in thinner air Affordable, easy 15-day program   Expensive, disruptive, away from home    

Planning Your First 15 Days Of Training With AltoLab October 22 2015

How do you do the first 15 days of training with AltoLab? We generally advise athletes to follow the traditional protocol for their first 15 days of training. That is a program where the saturation targets get progressively lower over the 15 days starting around 90% saturation and ending around 80-83%.   The first time you use AltoLab determine a benchmark for how many black cups (AltoMixers) you need to reach 90% and...

An Update On Simulated Altitude Training Using The AltoLab Altitude Simulator October 15 2015

 Altitude training is gaining acceptance For a number of years now we have been advising athletes we coach to utilize AltoLab to simulate altitude and get improvements in performance. There has been positive feedback from them about the benefits. The first athlete we trialed it with was professional triathlete & world junior duathlon champion Jamie Hunt and it helped take him to 4th place at the world long distance champs,...

How To Train For A High Altitude Marathon October 07 2015

Training at low altitude and racing high makes it super important to have a solid base of training behind you and a flexible game plan for race day. In this article from titled "How to Train for the Mile-High Marathon" highlights strategies to consider like:   Training by effort, racing by effort Getting specific course information Planning your arrival time and leaving expectations at home   And often one of the most...

Collin Leiba - Breaking The Indoor Rowing 500M British Record September 25 2015

After completing the 15 day AltoLab program and a five day top up this was the result. Collin Leiba - Breaking The Indoor Rowing 500M British Record. This took place on Sunday 20th September. Watch and enjoy!  

The Best Ways High-Altitude Training Improves Athletic Performance September 21 2015

      Improves anaerobic capacity & endurance at high exertion Improves lactate clearance Up to 15% increase in O2 carrying capacity & efficiency, especially with repeated use Increases Lactate Threshold = measure of fitness Increases VO2 max, amount of O2 body can hold, more power, more endurance Increases mitochondria in muscle cells to provide more efficient energy conversion Increases muscle capillaries to improve O2 delivery Increases EPO in blood...

Skyrunning: Ultra-Marathon Up A Mountain September 18 2015

If you think running a marathon is a feat in itself, imagine doing an ultra-marathon up and down a mountain. Skyrunning is the extreme sport of mountain running with athletes known as skyrunners. The idea started from Italian mountaineers and were pioneers of races on Mont Blanc in the early 90's, since then the races have taken off across the world's mountains. With races above 6,000 ft. it is not your...

2015 NYC Marathon Stars Defending Champion Wilson Kipsang September 17 2015

Kipsang followed up his New York City marathon victory with a second place finish in April's London Marathon before not finishing the IAAF World Championship marathon in Beijing in late August. [Sports Illustrated]

Avoiding Late-Race Fatigue September 17 2015

Avoiding late-race fatigue and the importance of muscle changes by Interval Hypoxic Exposure (IHE) cannot be overstated. Realize that 45% of your body weight is muscle. Doing (IHE) can increase the oxygen storage and mitochondrial content by over 10% in just a week or two and even more after a few months.

ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Chicago September 16 2015

Men’s and women’s elite World Championship titles decided in heated battles this week! [Triathlete Europe]