The Best Ways High-Altitude Training Improves Athletic Performance September 21 2015

  • Improves anaerobic capacity & endurance at high exertion

  • Improves lactate clearance

  • Up to 15% increase in O2 carrying capacity & efficiency, especially with repeated use

  • Increases Lactate Threshold = measure of fitness

  • Increases VO2 max, amount of O2 body can hold, more power, more endurance

  • Increases mitochondria in muscle cells to provide more efficient energy conversion

  • Increases muscle capillaries to improve O2 delivery

  • Increases EPO in blood (naturally & legally!)

  • Improves hematocrit and hemoglobin levels

  • Increases red blood cell count, thus more O2 to muscles & better performance

  • Increases blood volume, thus more blood pumped per heartbeat & better performance
    and less fatigue