Skyrunning: Ultra-Marathon Up A Mountain September 18 2015

If you think running a marathon is a feat in itself, imagine doing an ultra-marathon up and down a mountain.

Skyrunning is the extreme sport of mountain running with athletes known as skyrunners. The idea started from Italian mountaineers and were pioneers of races on Mont Blanc in the early 90's, since then the races have taken off across the world's mountains.

With races above 6,000 ft. it is not your usual ultra-marathon run. Comprised of different disciplines from short steep runs like SkySpeed and SkyScraping race to the favorite SkyMarathon.


Considering a Skymarathon? Be prepared to compete in this brutal personal challenge with an AltoLab program. AltoLab forces your body to work as if at altitude, even if you are at sea level. It’s ‘live high, train low’ made easy! And now, with AltoLab, it is possible to harness these benefits without setting up base camp! 

Some of our most gratifying results come from mountain climbers and the military that use the AltoLab simulated altitude training system to prepare and acclimatize for excursions to extremely high altitudes.