How To Train For A High Altitude Marathon October 07 2015

Training at low altitude and racing high makes it super important to have a solid base of training behind you and a flexible game plan for race day.

In this article from titled "How to Train for the Mile-High Marathon" highlights strategies to consider like:


  • Training by effort, racing by effort
  • Getting specific course information
  • Planning your arrival time and leaving expectations at home


And often one of the most missed strategies is considering how the elevation will affect you. Everyone responds to altitude differently and much of the research suggests it is highly genetic. This is where altitude training or simulation can assist.

AltoLab is a portable Altitude Simulator about the size of a thermos. It's easy to use and requires no external power. Take it anywhere to avoid the limitations that come from adapting to altitude including sleep disturbances, fatigue, nausea, and dehydration. 

Learn more on our Frequently Asked Questions page or by downloading our AltoLab User Manual.