AltoLab BOOST | Portable Altitude Simulator

$ 189.00 $ 229.00

AltoLab BOOST is 100% Lab Tested! 3-5% increase in sports performance. More affordable than a trip to the mountains!  Replacement parts well priced - easy to order.

NOTE: The AltoLab BOOST kit is intended for teams or clinics where an oximeter is available or shared. This kit has enough supplies for about 6 days of simulated altitude. For longer training you will need extra Hypoxic Silos. To attain higher altitude, you will need extra AltoMixers.

The AltoLab BOOST portable altitude simulator kit includes:

(2) Hypoxic Silos (CO2 scrubbers) for over 5+ days of Altitude Training

(3) AltoMixers to adjust altitude from 2,500 to 15,000 ft

(1) AltoLid

(1) Long flex tube

(1) Mouthpiece

(1) Nose clip

(1) Breathing filter 

(1) Thin foam insert

(1) AltoLab canvas zipper bag

(1) Hypoxic Silo storage bag

(1) AltoLab user manual

(1) Instructional materials packet


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