AltoLab Platinum BOOST | Portable Altitude Simulator

$ 249.00 $ 289.00

The most effective way athletes improve power 100% Lab Tested! 3-5% increase in sports performance. More affordable than a trip the mountains! 

The AltoLab Platinum BOOST portable altitude simulator kit comes with:

(1) Finger pulse oximeter with color display, lanyard, instructions and two AAA batteries.

(2) HypoxicSilos (CO2 scrubbers) for over 5+ days of Altitude Training

(3) AltoMixers adjust altitude from 2,500 to 15,000 ft

(2) Breathing filters

(1) AltoLid

(1) Personal breathing kit with one swivel air tube and connector

(1) Mouthpiece

(1) Nose clip

(1) AltoLab canvas zipper bag

(1) User manual

(1) Personal performance monitoring chart with literature


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