K2 Xtreme AltoMixer | Reach Lower Oxygen Values

$ 69.00 $ 83.00

For advanced AltoLab users who have difficulty in dropping their blood O2 levels. Drop blood-oxygen into the 70-80% range for proper IHT exposure.

The K2 Xtreme AltoMixer is an accessory to the AltoMixer Triple Stack. Advanced AltoLab users occasionally reach a limit with the conventional AltoMixer stack, sometimes needing as many as 10 AltoMixer cups to lower their blood oxygen into the 70-80% range for proper IHT exposure.

This unit is attached to the bottom of a conventional triple stack and allows you to re-breathe your exhaled air several times so that you can lower your blood O2 levels to the proper range.

Unlike the conventional triple stack, the K2 creates a closed loop so you will need to exhale and inhale air out of the side of your mouth after every third breath. With practice, you can achieve the desired levels of controlled hypoxia needed to get proper IHT exposure.

As with the triple stack, you will use a 6 min ON/4 min OFF cycle that is repeated during your IHT session.

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