AltoLab ULTRA | Portable Altitude Simulator

$ 579.00 $ 629.00

Lightweight and easliy transported! No power source required - your lungs provide the power! 3-5% increase in sports performance. 100% lab tested.

*In addition we can provide a customized AltoLab training schedules to help you train for upcoming events. Call us for more information.

The AltoLab ULTRA portable altitude simulator kit includes:

(1) Finger pulse oximeter with color display, lanyard, instructions and two AAA batteries

(6) Hypoxic Silos (CO2 scrubbers) for over 15+ days of Altitude Training

(6) AltoMixers to adjust altitude from 2,500 to 30,000 ft

(2) Breathing filters

(1) Breathing kit containing a mouthpiece and short swivel tube with connectors

(1) Timer

(1) Nose clip

(1) AltoLab training manual

(1) Updated flash-drive containing the latest scientific information and videos

(1) AltoLab canvas zipper bag

(1) Travel canvas carry-on bag


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