3D video tour of the most breath-taking spot on earth, Mt. Everest July 21 2014


Welcome to our new AltoLab website and our blog that will cover all topics related to high altitude history and science. We have an eclectic and diverse group of customers who use our AltoLab altitude simulators to prepare themselves for the most extreme environments on earth or the most emotionally stressful situations imaginable, from military combat, to soccer World Cup competitions, ultramarathon runs of 135 miles at 17,000 feet, to 100 meter dives on a single breath of air and Olympic sprints watched by billions. AltoLab has been a part of all of these situations.


To open our blog we want to take you on a breathtaking, 3D video tour of the most breath-taking spot on earth, Mt. Everest. This stunning visual journey, produced by the Discovery Channel, takes you to up from the Base Camp at 17, 598 ft. through to the summit at 29035 ft. It also has an audio recording of the emergency announcement of the greatest Everest disaster that took place this year with the deaths of 16 Sherpa guides who perished in an ice avalanche at the Khumbu Icefall.


Many of you have probably read, Into Thin Air by Jon Krakaurer, the gripping personal account of the tragic events of the 1996 Mt. Everest disaster that took the lives of eight climbers. That book described in vivid detail all the treacherous points of the route up the mountain and the four camps that served as rest points where climbers could recover or seek refuge during storms. With this 3D video you can get a complete picture of what your imagination could only suggest when you read about it.

Experience the trek to the summit!