Altitude exposure for distance running March 25 2015

Historically Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) and altitude training has long been used for distance running since the 1960's. Traditional altitude training with the - live high, train high - method requires a minimum of 3 weeks of living at high altitude to get acclimated. Thereafter, when you relocate to a low altitude racing venue to compete the benefits of altitude exposure begin to disappear about 2 weeks later and the athletes have to return to altitude for a top up exposure.

With AltoLab you can get your altitude exposure at home, anywhere in the world, and it only requires 15 days to get acclimated. How, because AltoLab employs a progressive, IHT program where you only use short, 6 min intervals at altitudes that progress from 10,000 up to 20,000 ft + equivalent. The benefits of this type of IHT last for 2 weeks and thereafter you can top-up by using the AltoLab for just 5 days with a 15 day break afterwards. The more top-ups you complete the greater your altitude acclimation becomes. The notable distance runners we have using the AltoLab system include USA Champions Shannon Rowbury and Leonel Manzano.