Altitude and fight training April 07 2015

Altitude training has been used by professional boxers for over 40 years as a way to increase stamina and endurance to prepare for a fight. Traditional altitude training requires a move to a high altitude camp, such as Big Bear, California for 2-10, weeks prior to a fight.

The costs are high and altitude effects only last for 2 weeks after a return to sea level. Now, many well paid fighters use "altitude tents" while training. These are sealed enclosures that reduce oxygen levels equal to 10,000 ft where fighters must sleep 8-12 hrs a night for 30 days to get results. These tents or chambers cost $7,000 or can be rented for $350 per month.

AltoLab can give you better results with less time at a fraction of the cost. The AltoLab program requires only one hour per day for 15 days. The beneficial effects last for up to 21 days. A one hour session consists of six breathing intervals, of six minutes ON the AltoLab followed by four minute intervals of normal breathing OFF the AltoLab.