CVAC fitness pod simulates altitude training April 24 2015

CBS 8 San Diego has a report about a local health club providing altitude training through an egg shaped machine called a “CVAC Pod” which stands for (Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning.)

The makers claim fitness on a cellular level and a boost in energy levels.  The story features a woman by the name of Denise Mueller. You see, Denise Mueller is a true believer of altitude training. She first jumped in the egg about a year-and-a-half ago, and soon noticed a change and since then she's set off on a quest to set a land speed record on a bicycle.

She says, ”I’ve quoted it as my secret weapon, but it's not a secret. I actually have a photograph that depicts what I felt. I was literally doing this race with my mouth closed, and I remember thinking, wow, I'm not even breathing hard."

Like Denise and many others that experience altitude training, the results become readily noticeable and effective.

Unlike the CVAC Pod, the AltoLab Altitude Simulator makes it much more affordable and portable for all competitive individuals to have the ability to mimic training at altitude from the comfort of their own home enabling them to replicate the positive benefits of altitude exposure any where they might be. Click here to learn more about the AltLab Altitude Program.