High altitude training in Sierra Nevada for Danish swim sqaud May 01 2015

A group of seven Danish swimmers under the direction of National Training Centre Head Coach, Stefan Hansen have been training at high altitude in Sierra Nevada since April 18th. Sierra Nevada is 3,478 meters above sea level.

“Altitude training is an opportunity to workout with a little extra stress on the body, swimmers who have previously been on altitude training camps have good experience of being at this height, and come home well prepared for the upcoming training block.” explains Hansen.

The National Training Centre athletes are:
    •    Sarah Bridge
    •    Rikke Møller Pedersen
    •    Pernille Blume
    •    Emilie Beckmann
    •    Pal Joensen (Faroe Islands)
    •    Daniel Skaaning
    •    Magnus Westermann


Lone Hansen, Director of Team Denmark was quoted as saying "The 2016 Olympics are around the corner and it is therefore important that there is full focus on creating the optimal preparations leading up to Rio. We look forward to both following and contributing to the continued development of the high performance and talent work in Danish swimming.”