Ultra Racer Travis Macy pens book, "The Ultra Mindset: An Endurance Champion's 8 Core Principles for Success in Business, Sports, and Life" May 02 2015

"The goal of the book is to really provide some tangible and relevant mindset principles that people might apply to endurance racing or running or mountain biking or adventure racing," Macy said. "But hopefully it will be more widely applied to other areas of their life like work, parenting, relationships or personal growth."

The format of the book takes lessons learned from endurance event competitions that are applied to “regular” life and business. No matter your circumstances, the 8 principles articulated in The Ultra Mindset are practical and actionable solutions that can be applied to everyday life – a very real world orientation.

Travis Macy summited glacial peaks in the French Alps, rappelled into vast limestone caves in China, and ran through parched deserts in Utah. Most famously, he won one of the country's marquee ultra-distance events: Leadman, a high-altitude series of super-long-distance races, culminating with a 100-mile mountain biking race and a 100-mile trail run. Macy accomplished it without exceptional strength, speed, or flexibility, and without high-tech performance labs or performance-enhancing drugs.

Coauthored with award-winning running writer and journalist John Hanc, The Ultra Mindset blends exciting personal memoir with actionable, research-based advice.