AltoLab, today's most accessible altitude training program in the world. May 29 2015

As sporting science evolves, new and innovative approaches are being taken to bring the benefits of altitude training within reach of greater number of athletes.

While the benefits of living at altitude are well documented, there are significant costs issues as well as disruption to normal lifestyles. Furthermore, when living at altitude adhering to the "live high/train low" principle introduces additional travel difficulties.

Considerable experimentation has been conducted on altitude tents. These enable athletes to sleep within a lower oxygen atmosphere. However, there are problems associated with the noise created by the generators that power the altitude tents, and by the sense of dislocation and claustrophobia experienced by the user.

A recent development has seen portable machines being able to provide most of the benefits of high altitude training in a short space of time. However, the cost of these machines is prohibitive to many athletes. Further, the machines are not easily transported - an important factor when athletes consider their competitive schedules.

AltoLab is the culmination of much scientific development, solving many of the cost and convenience issues that have concerned athletes.

It is essential that you establish a detailed training program that targets specific peaks through your sporting season. Use of your AltoLab will enable you to perform with optimum levels of endurance at targeted times, achieving results well beyond those of previous seasons.