John Gloster, walking manual on all things fitness. June 03 2015

The physiotherapist of the Rajasthan Royals, John Gloster is a walking manual on all things fitness related. Credited for bringing the Indian cricket team up to scratch during the 2005-2008 season, Gloster goes beyond the regular “cardio and diet” training.

Gloster discusses the best fitness apps, dealing with stress and some of the hottest fitness regimes that are effective and good for you like Pilates and altitude training.

Not being a fan of shocking the body, he strongly believes in graded programs where your body can slowly adapt to a new regimen.

In terms of finding the right altitude program for you, AltoLab is a perfect program for those looking at measurable results. After 15 days of AltoLab, you should experience more relaxed, unconscious breathing, a lower heart rate and less fatigue while doing difficult workouts at sea level or high altitude.

AltoLab has benefited thousands of people to improve fitness in ways that conventional exercise alone cannot.