Gerard Malaczynski, 73, from mountain climber to running sensation July 28 2015

Meet Gerard Malaczynski, a once National Mountain Climbing Team member with a number of fascinating stories detailing his grueling efforts to reach some of the world's tallest peaks. Throughout the years of mountain climbing's risky sport, Malaczynski was concerned about his family's welfare and gave up mountain climbing for safety reasons.

Many of us would stop here and call it an achievement. Not Malaczynski. His sporting attention turned to other sports like cross country and downhill skiing and, ultimately, running. The Bloomfield Hills resident's metamorphosis began at the ripe age of 51. Now 73, Malaczynski is a champion distance runner, as evidenced by his recent National Senior Games gold and silver medal performances in Minnesota.

It's never too late to reinvent yourself. Take it from Malaczynski, running has helped him stay young, and has built behavior that goes far beyond running.