Altitude Training Simulator August 26 2015

Altitude training has been used by Olympic and pro athletes for over 40 years to gain exceptional stamina and endurance for their sporting events. However, traditional altitude training requires a move to a high altitude camp for 2-10 weeks but the beneficial effects wear off after 2 weeks at sea level. The costs are high and the effects only temporary. Altitude simulator tents are sealed enclosures that reduce oxygen levels equal to 10,000 ft. where athletes must sleep 8-12 hours a night for 30 days to achieve results. They cost $7,000 or can be rented for $350 per month.

AltoLab altitude simulator can do this better and at a fraction of the price!

AltoLab improves athletic performance and stamina at sea level and to acclimate mountaineers and adventures in preparing for strenuous activities. AltoLab is a small plastic, portable rebreathing device that lowers the body's oxygen to levels found at high altitudes. It is used for only a few minutes at a time by alternating breathing between fresh air and the AltoLab simulator. The initial cost is a fraction of that of other devices, making it affordable to competitive individuals from all sporting codes. Furthermore, replacement components are also realistically priced.

Be among a group of athletes who are taking advantage of the latest scientific advances in Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure (IHE) to bring your training to the highest level.